Vision, Mission, and Core Values:

The Global Association for Systems Thinking® is the only premier Alliance and Clearinghouse in the world for Systems Thinking.



  • We will revolutionize how the world thinks, plans, acts and achieves results in all walks of life, one person, one team, one family, one organization, and one community at a time.
  • We are the collective leaders of the premier Systems Thinking Alliance and Clearinghouse that spreads the concepts, understanding, and application of Living Systems Thinking as the natural way the world works on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and long-term basis.
  • We live our Core Values, including an abundance mentality to share, learn, take actions, work and grow together as systems thinkers.

    We are your tour guides to the universe of Systems Thinking - Taking Systems Thinking Mainstream!



Who We Serve:
  • Forward-looking thinkers world-wide, from all walks of life, including students, schools and education, organizations and employees in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors; as well as families, teams, communities, society, and the world.
What We Do:
  • We are part of a growing, learning and sharing Global Systems Thinking Association and community providing value as our members spread the understanding, actions and benefits of Systems Thinking (human/social systems) globally.

    We take Systems Thinking Mainstream...Around the World.

Why We Do It:
  • We know that Systems Thinking for human/social systems is a better and more effective way to think, plan, act and achieve better and more sustainable results in all walks of life. We will think globally and act locally.

We stop ourselves and others from using analytical approaches to systems problems - Fragmented Failures vs. Systems Solutions.
  • In Systems Thinking the whole is primary and the parts are secondary.
  • In Analytical Thinking the parts are primary and the whole is secondary.

Taking Systems Thinking Mainstream!


Core Values:

Core Values
Professionalism and Collegial Relationships
  • Professionals able to work together as teams to achieve better results through collegial and collaborative Win-Win relationships.
Systems Thinking and Applications
  • A holistic and elegantly simple approach to life’s Thinking-Planning and Action with Clarity, Simplicity and Speed.
Service to Others
  • Share our values and contribute our Systems Thinking talents to make a difference with individuals, organizations, communities and society.
  • Build long term relationships through a firm belief in the next time.
Respect and Trust
  • Respect, trust, and value the uniqueness of ourselves and of each other.
Caring and Abundance
  • Concern and support for one another’s interests in the belief we can create more together.
Balance and Harmony
  • Life-long learning: Balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Taking Systems Thinking Mainstream...Around the World

“Let’s Make a Difference in Tomorrow’s World—Today”