Thought Leaders:

The Global Association for Systems Thinking® (GAST) is led by the best collection of Thought Leaders from around the world.

These GAST Thought Leaders consist of Advisors from the GAST Board, Moderators from the Community of Excellence User Forums, and Expert/Coordinators from the different Schools of Thought.

Each Thought Leader is qualified with a specialized Systems Thinking background, along with industry experience or education. They also understand and utilize the research and applications of Systems Thinking.

Every GAST Thought Leader is committed to achieving sustainable systems solutions to resolve personal, career, organization, societal, and global  issues, as well as helping fellow GAST members do so as well.

We highly recommend you get to know them and draw on their expertise.

Thought Leaders
  • Billie Alban

    Bloomfield, CT, USA
    Board of Advisors

  • Gail Aller-Stead

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Mark Alpert

    Boston, MA, USA
    Board of Advisors

  • Lewis Atkinson

    Queensland, Australia

  • Allan Bandt

    Perth, Australia

  • Sheridan Barker

    Chula Vista, CA, USA

  • Sharon Barley

    Mountville, PA, USA

  • Gary Bonalumi

    Mountville, PA, USA

  • Ockie Bosch

    Queensland, Australia
    Board of Advisors

  • Erin Campbell-Howell

    Lumsden, SK, Canada

  • Barbara Collins

    Columbia, MD, USA

  • Chander Mohan

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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  • Michael Nall

    Chicago, IL, USA

  • Paul Nelson

    Portland, OR, USA

  • Susan Radwan

    Michigan, USA

  • George Reed

    San Diego, CA, USA

  • Brian Rhiness

    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Board of Advisors

  • Terry Schmidt

    Seattle, WA, USA

  • Nic Smith

    Santa Fe, NM, USA

  • Karl Sommers

    Goshen, IN, USA

  • David Peter Stroh

    Brookline, MA, USA
    Board of Advisors

  • Loren Tarantino

    Chula Vista, CA, USA


Chander Mohan


Chander is a Certified Facilitator, Senior Consultant and Middle East Regional Managing Partner of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, USA ( Since 1996, he is also the Executive Director of Creative Management Consultants, a Dubai based training & consultancy firm.

He’s a commerce graduate and an MBA in Finance & HR from Faculty of Mangement Studies, a premier management institute of Delhi University.

Supported by 25 years of hands-on management experience in public and private sector organizations, Chander has delivered training and consulting assignments for local, regional and multinational organizations across various industries in the areas of Strategic Planning & Change, TQM, HR Management, Management Development, CRM, Corporate Governance, Strategic Marketing and Banking & Finance. IFC/World Bank, Pfizer, Gillette, Shell, ABB, ST Microelectronics, Sabic and Johnson Controls are included in his list of selected global clients.

He regularly facilitates CE level seminars, retreats and workshops as also delivers frequent Key Note Presentations in Global Conventions & Conferences. Many senior executives have also benefitted from his expertise and experience in the area of Executive Coaching & Mentoring.

His passions for helping organizations establish and institutionalize an effective sales and service culture as a sustainable competitive edge and assisting individuals in living a balanced and healthy lifestyle has inspired him to use the platform of Global Association for Systems Thinking® (GAST) to join as a Master Thought Leader & Moderator of its User Forums in these areas. He is an ardent Yoga practitioner and teacher, committed to spread the phsysical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga all over the world.

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