Steve Haines

Stephen Haines

December 23, 1945 - July 2, 2012
Founder and Chief Visionary

Following a career as a top management, senior executive of several multi-billion dollar companies, Steve founded the Haines Centre for Strategic Management® and Systems Thinking Press®. Now he has founded the Global Association for Systems Thinking® in order to help all Systems Thinkers Take Systems Thinking Mainstream… Around the World

Steve has led the Best Practices research development and expansion of Systems Thinking for more than thirty years. With Russ Ackoff as his most influential intellectual mentor, Steve has created 500 practical applications of Systems Thinking and entire publishing firm;

He is an inductee in the Association for Strategic Planning Hall of Fame (, having led a 2½ year Project to create their prestigious ASP Standards and Certification Program for the Strategic Planning Field.

Steve is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate with the “Legendary Leadership Class of 1968.” He received a BS degree in Engineering with a minor in Foreign Affairs. However, his real “degree” was in Navy Leadership and Naval Strategy.

He also has an M.S.A. in Organization Behavior with a minor in financial management from George Washington University, and completed his Doctoral Work in Educational Psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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Jeri Denniston

Jeri Denniston

VP of Marketing

Jeri is VP of Marketing and a Certified Strategic Management Professional with extensive experience in strategic marketing, management, and business planning. She has directed strategic planning projects for the development of new products and markets in the banking, marketing information, and publishing industries. Adept at social media, she works with clients to incorporate these tools into their marketing strategies. She has facilitated board and management planning retreats and workshops in strategic and systems thinking, and coaches small business owners. Jeri has a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a B.A. in Spanish from Chapman University. Throughout her career she has mentored and trained co-workers and staff in communication and leadership skills.

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Simon Dukes

Simon Dukes

Chief Operations Officer

As well as being the COO for the Global Association for Systems Thinking® Simon's duties for GAST and the Haines Centre include web design and development. With more than 20 years in the graphics industry, most in his native England, he has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of graphics and the web.

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