Premier Organizational Partners:

The Global Association for Systems Thinking®’s Premier Organizational Partners consists of the best world-wide organizations with a Systems Thinking background. They provide Systems Thinking products and services, are involved with Systems Thinking research, and/or utilize its many applications.

The organizations below are recognized leaders in the Systems Thinking field and help support the Systems Thinking community and profession in taking Systems Thinking mainstream. Learn about them, their offerings and their immense talents and Systems Thinking experience.

Human Systems Dynamics Institute

50 East Golden Lake Road
Circle Pines, MN 55014
Phone: 1-866-473-4678

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) is a collection of concepts and tools that help make sense of the patterns that emerge from chaos when people work and play together in groups, families, organizations, and communities. HSD uses metaphors from the physical, mathematical, and computer sciences to help practitioners understand what is happening in the everyday dynamical interactions in organizations and groups. The concepts are grounded in science, but they continue to emerge as we explore the complex behaviors of human systems. In spite of their application to complex and challenging fields, these metaphors and applications are simple to understand and highly useful.


Pegasus Communications Inc.

1 Moody Street
Waltham, MA
Phone: 1-781-398-9700 or 1-800-272-0945
Fax: 1-781-894-7175

Pegasus Communications helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in an increasingly complex world. Since 1989, innovators working to spark and sustain positive change in the systems they care about have looked to Pegasus for resources and networking opportunities. Through a grounding in the rigorous principles and tools of systems thinking and related disciplines, practitioners from business, education, government, and the nonprofit world find the freedom to connect with others in new ways and design sustainable solutions to their most persistent challenges. From tentative first steps to great leaps of faith, we provide tools and ideas for changing the world one system at a time.


Haines Centre for Strategic Management

1420 Monitor Road
San Diego CA, 92110
Phone: 619-275-6528
Fax: 619-275-0324

Haines Centre for Strategic Management® is a global consulting, keynoting, publishing, training, and assessment firm. We are the World Leaders in Strategic Management, Powered by Systems Thinking. The Haines Centre was founded in 1990 and has Offices in over 25 countries. We are led by Founder and CEO, Stephen Haines, the world's leading authority on the Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management. Our Systems Thinking Approach® is based on 50 years of scientific study focusing on “The Natural Way the World Works.”

Haines Centre for Strategic Management