Ownership and Investment in GAST:

Currently, the Global Association for Systems Thinking®® (GAST) is a for-profit Trade Association. After GAST becomes self-sustaining it is planning on eventually becoming a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). The development of GAST has taken 24 months at a direct cost and investment of over $60,000. Since it is unlikely that anyone else or any other Association could or would make this investment, we decided to build a Field of Dreams—“if you build it, they will come.”

GAST is a joint venture with the Board of Advisors, Premier Organizational Partners, User Forum Thought Leaders and others.

Sometimes it takes a visionary and dreamer to put a stake in the ground and go for it.

We have done that as we have a dream that is fast becoming a reality—Taking Systems Thinking Mainstream…Around the World.

This investment will never really make a profit. The Membership subscriptions are to help recover the initial $60,000+ investment and ongoing costs of yearly staffing and operations of the Global Association for Systems Thinking®®.

In addition, this GAST requires ongoing operations and maintenance by a Web Master, an Accountant and by an overall Coordinator and their associated operating expenses. We estimate this at an additional and ongoing $50,000 a year as well.

To the extent that this investment is recovered, the dividends will be returned to the owners and the rest of the income re-invested back into continuously improving GAST. Members get the usual tax expenses write offs, but should check with their personal tax accountant for specifics.

All Premier Organizational Partners are required to offer a minimum of a 10% discount on all offerings made through www.GlobalAST.org in order to provide exclusive benefits to GAST Members.

The Global Association for Systems Thinking®® is a registered trademark of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management®.

Through all the above, we are currently able to offer GAST Membership at very low costs and very high value.

We hope you will learn how valuable GAST can be to you and access our website often.


Stephen Haines

Steve Haines, Chief Visionary
Global Association for Systems Thinking®®