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Community of Excellence User Forums provides you with a wealth of information on research-based Systems Thinking learning, applications, tools, ideas, actions, and results. Participate in discussions on a wide-range of Systems Thinking topics. Discover sustainable systems solutions to resolve personal, career, organization, and world-wide societal issues.

The Community of Excellence User Forums, led exclusively by the Association’s Systems Thinking Thought Leaders, is the place to share, ask questions, get tips and advice, learn to take actions and much more.


Why Get Engaged in a User Forum?

  • You have a passion for a User Forum topic.
  • You want to share your current expertise.
  • You have a desire to learn more about the User Forum topic.
  • You would like access and insights from Systems Thinking Thought Leaders.
  • You have an interest to further the use of Systems Thinking applications, tools and actions to achieve better, more sustainable results and Take Systems Thinking Mainstream...Around the World.

GAST Members

All GAST members get access to all user forums. We are starting with seven main User Forums and will grow organically from there.

Essential Concepts and Universal Applications User Forum

  • Systems Thinking Research and Models
  • Strategic Thinking and Critical Thinking
  • Becoming Cancer Free
  • Teaching Systems Thinking, Knowledge Transfer and Learning
  • Reinventing and Execution of Strategic Planning
  • Innovation
  • Systems Thinking Simulations and Games
  • Assessments

Individual, Interpersonal and Family User Forum

  • Coaching and Mentoring, Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Life and Career Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Families, Therapy and Counseling
  • Education and Literacy

Supply Chain, Teams and Project Management User Forum

  • Alignment of Delivery - Supply Chain, Quality, Operations
  • Strategic HR and People Issues
  • Project Management
  • Teams and Teamwork
  • Leadership and Leadership Development

Organizational User Forum - Private Sector

  • LOBs, SBUs, Major Functional and Program Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management and M&A
  • Culture Change and Change Management
  • Customer-Focus, Marketing and Social Media-Brand
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Global Environmental Scanning and Scenario Planning
  • Technology Issues

Organizational User Forum - Boards, Government, Faith and Not-for-Profit

  • Holistic Organization Design and Architecture
  • Board Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Governmental Organizations

Community and Societal User Forum

  • Health, Wellness and Health Care
  • Food and Hunger
  • Emergencies-Disasters
  • Ethnic and Cultural Conflict

Global User Forum

  • Immigration and World Population
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Global Financial System, Economy-Interdependence, Trade
  • Geopolitical Issues and USA’s Role, Global War on Terrorism
  • Energy Security



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